Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Skin, Intellect, Talent or Years

Founded in 2010 Trust Rugby International (tri) is a proactive, Scottish based charity, whose goal is to bring individuals and communities together through the game of rugby. Unlike other organisations, who use the non-contact version of the sport to involve people with learning disabilities, we believe all players can be enabled to participate to their full potential. Through hard work, we have established several fully unified, full contact rugby teams.

What we DO

Most people think rugby is about people running about, bashing into each other over a ball. However at Trust Rugby International (tri) we take a different view: To us, Rugby is a team game, that, by engaging in key values, creates an exhilarating and fulfilling activity and thus provides an outlet for individuals who wouldn’t normally be engaged in sport.

We founded tri to proactively tackle any limiting assumption that would prevent individuals, communities and cultures coming together to just try Rugby. We exploit unified rugby as a vehicle for enhancing the lives of participants, fostering confidence and social skills, and splintering any barriers that still persist around illnesses that are not always visually apparent.


Since June 2012 we have pioneered unified rugby in Scotland in partnership with NHS Ayrshire and Arran as well as the Scottish Government, and have  established Scotland’s first fully unified full contact rugby club, where players with and without learning disabilities or difficulties train, play and compete on the same team.



Jamie Armstrong

Founder & Development Director

What we Can offer

Promoting and encouraging an appreciation of equality, diversity and social integration by  supporting  personal development through rugby.


  • Tri unified mixed ability rugby


  • Tri-ed and tested -  club coach and referee education / development
  • Tri thinking - coaching and consultancy


  • Tri tours - unified activity mini breaks and holidays


  •  Tri camping  - rugby and team building activity camping breaks
  • Tri teamwork - corporate team building and development


  • Tri something new - personal / social development programmes
  • Tri English and Spanish - learn rugby and language at the same time

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